Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Last Game

Come on my friend,
Run along with me
There is still time
For one last game

Short words I catch on
And conspiring looks
I realize that time's less
Before we part

But before we are forced,
To go separate ways
There is still time
For one last tag

Run along far,
Before they call us back
May be we can have
A little hide and seek

Until they find us
And take us back ,
There is still time
For  that one last game

I know they have plans
That have nothing to do
With letting us play
All day today

But may be we can coax
For just a little while
So there's  still time
For some more play

Run along my friend
Let us hold hands too
See who's fast
and who'll be last

Pick up some sand
Pull a blade of grass
Watch the world go by
With curious eyes

Until those adult voices call
Time's up , let's go home
There's still time to run along
For one last game of play

P.S :Dedicated to all the times I saw Manu and  Samyukta play.


  1. There's always time for that one last game... how we believed in that!
    Loved this one!