Saturday, July 7, 2007

Into Wilderness

He looked ahead

Wilderness beckoned.
He looked behind,
Memories held back.

Elephants could remember
He always knew that
But the shackles were gone
Difficult to believe that

He had left his masters
He had escaped chains,
But a tiny regrets filled him,
As he thought of their remains.

He looked ahead at Wilderness,
His old childhood home.
He ran as fast as he could.
He was free to roam

Friday, July 6, 2007


Always wondered how it feels,

Saying bye when end is near.
Where do we go, to heaven or hell?
Leaving everything still so dear.

Do we know when end is near?
When soul departs the body here?
Is it judgment as scriptures say
Or born again on another day?

Its is a secret none could tell
What happens when end is near.
Those who know don't live to tell
They just don't remain here.