Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Revenge Undone

Winds of Hurt and hatred blew
My heart and mind they burst
All of me wanting to hurt back
The one who broke my trust

Weapons Wild I made to whirl
With words picked and sharpened in woe
Dreams I had in angry glee
Planning Revenge for my hurt ego

Day and night, I nursed my wound
For the day we met again
To return the same back in kind
I hoped and prayed in vain

Then one day , I got my chance
He came in sight once more
Oft rehearsed words then failed my tongue
As a look of indifference he wore

The childhood days of love had gone
The hurt and hatred too
For he was now a different man
A stranger beneath the face I knew

Not looking at him as I went away
My feelings with out a vent
How could I hurt, who cared no more
Love and hate , my heart's torment

Your Silence

Why do I feel sad

For Some one's silence
When there was no fight
No harsh words sent
Why does it make me hurt
If there is no answer,
A milion Excuses I make
For the life's busy takes
Why do I still expect
that one day the silence will break
When each word I say,
is just another word lost

Why do try to start
a futile conversation again
When my heart's so full
With the silence you gave

Why do I want the reason
if not to clear myself
That knowingly or not
If reason for silence is me

Way of the World

Known faces , with expressions so strange
I wish I knew, why people just change,
Not long back , it was all smiles
A time when we thought no guiles
All play and games and friendship too
The tiny sweet stuff, together we grew,

We were children then , we had no sense
But in our tall tales , there was inncence
The small fights we had , forgotten so quick
To play the next game in the mud so thick

Growing up is ever so tough
Understanding why people think such stuff

Inferiority and superiority, jelousy and greed
Where did these come from in our necklace of beads

For petty things we fight and hide
Tiny issues , we can't take in our stride.

Walking beside in smiles , but with open daggers in hands
Watching for a misstep to stab from behind

Looking now at our children play,
Smiles and wonder and small fights gay

Understanding not , that soon one day,
They too would learn the world's harsh way..