Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Way of the World

Known faces , with expressions so strange
I wish I knew, why people just change,
Not long back , it was all smiles
A time when we thought no guiles
All play and games and friendship too
The tiny sweet stuff, together we grew,

We were children then , we had no sense
But in our tall tales , there was inncence
The small fights we had , forgotten so quick
To play the next game in the mud so thick

Growing up is ever so tough
Understanding why people think such stuff

Inferiority and superiority, jelousy and greed
Where did these come from in our necklace of beads

For petty things we fight and hide
Tiny issues , we can't take in our stride.

Walking beside in smiles , but with open daggers in hands
Watching for a misstep to stab from behind

Looking now at our children play,
Smiles and wonder and small fights gay

Understanding not , that soon one day,
They too would learn the world's harsh way..

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