Friday, June 8, 2007


As I tread a hard and weary way
Through the universe empty and dark
I realize yet again
That only you can ignite that spark
That you were the light of my life
That, in my heart you made and indelible mark.

A night years ago
When I saw your face from far,
I gave you my heart
And cared not that you were a star.
Your shining serene face glowed
And in a twinkle I knew your answer.

Your presence made my face shine
Maybe it was the light of love dear!
I wanted to rush into your arms
And be yours once and forever.
I decked myself with a glittering viel
And shyly gushed in a bridal glow.

What did we lack?
Oh! What did we lack that
I had to go back?
Why couldn’t we stay together?
Why did it have to end?

Fate and time conspired
To keep us far apart.
And I knew the happy time,
The wonderful, blissful time
Alas, was not meant to be.

My happy shining face clouded
With tears and agony
But I knew it was of no avail
I had to continue my journey.
Somewhere along the way,
I threw my glittering veil away
For it was a remembrance
Of fortune’s cruel play.

And here I am an ill fated comet
Alone in the dark empty universe
Fated to leave my loved one
The bright, shining, immovable sun.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Pandora's Box

Every feeling locked up
Behind an impassive face,
A chest full of emotions
in an unopened case.

On my face was a mask
Of an unfeeling smile,
With none of love and glee
or even hate or guile

Running the rat race,
Sleep walking through life
Methodically I moved,
Not feeling a strife

Every feeling locked up,
Hurting those in my way
I went ahead in life,
My own hurt locked away

Then one day , my chest was full,
It could no longer stand ,
The huge weight of emotions,
They went out of hand

Like a pandora's box , they spread,
All my feelings once,
I closed it shut with all my might,
And shut the remaining ones.

With heart blackened with negative thoughts,
that flew out from my chest,I
dared to open once again,
That box of living death.

What came out then ,
I never knew,It had been there in me,
It was the ray of hope called love
That would help me be.

All my bad feelings locked up,
Like the pandora's box of yore,
The good was also buried ,
Somewhere beneath its core,

Now again,I was a complete man,
With feelings and refrain,
But Love would always see me through,
and give me hope in pain.