Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rain Fury

On a Rainy day, my heart skips a beat
Relishing a respite from the heat
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As raindrops on my cheek
Murmur a gushing sweet speak
The wind pulls my hair , teasing
As it splatters droplets ,  adorning
Spring's white  flower bequest
With a pearl ornate chest

As the wind , changes its tone,
From a treble to a baritone ,
Rhythm of the falling rain
Picks up beats, quickens again
Watching the skies rapidly shift hue
Washing a dark grey blue
Colors from my rain speckled cheeks drain,
I try to protect my flowers in vain.

Rain , Wind , I beseech , I pray ,
Do not take my spring flowers away.
Thunder guffawed , mocking me anew
With strength and vigor , the thunderstorm blew.
With vengeance it crushed my flowers to ground.
In to the sea of mud where everything drowned.
"Your flowers are mine" , it seemed to say
"As is everything that stands in my way."

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  1. "No copyright Infringement intended" but you ended up doing it :)

    1. What I meant is , I've had this picture downloaded for years on my hard-drive and do not know the source though I think I got it from a wallpaper gallery. Else I always add the source , when I add a picture. In case this belongs to you , please let me know , and I can update it.

  2. Good one,Sunita. Liked it. just check the 'you flowers'

  3. Thank you correcting my typo. Really appreciate it. :)

  4. rain- vallaatha addiction analle...:-)

    1. Athe athe... entha cheyyuka.. pande ullatha..

  5. RAIN........Just sitting inside ...sipping on a filter kaapi and watching the drops kiss the land. MAZHA!!!!