Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Day before the Pennu Kaanal -May 7 2004

Re-blogging from my old blog entry "Seeing the Guy" written on May 7 2007. My mom brought a bunch of my old blogs which she had printed out long back and when I read this entry , I realized that this had been written exactly 5 years ago about my first and only pennu kaanal which happened eight years ago!.

Three years back , on this day,  a girl was preparing for her first ordeal of seeing the guy ceremony or pennu kaanal.

Mother :Did you hear? There are 9 people coming tomorrow from the boy's side and you are sitting here and reading the news paper?

Father: So what? Let them come. Anyway, we are ordering the snacks from outside. They will deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

Girl :9 People? What for? They are wasting a lot of money. Most probably they won't like me.

Mother :Molu, Don't say like that. Why don't you agree to wear a silk saree? Why are you so adamant?

Girl: Amma, I already told you. I'm not dressing up too much. If you badly want me to wear a saree , I will wear that cotton saree you bought for me last week. I'm just not comfortable in showy clothes and it just wouldn't be me... And I'd prefer they like me the way I am.

Aunt :(Whispering to Mother). She is like all teenagers, don't irritate her anymore. She looks good in that cotton saree though she thinks otherwise.

Girl: Why can't you just tell those people I'm not old enough? I'm just completing my final semester exams.

Mother :But the horoscopes , it was said that the match is perfect like that of Shiva and Parvati and also what can we say against them, the guy is handsome, educated and has a good job in the same city that you are getting placed .

Brother (coming in): So someone liked her photo and is coming to see her? Good Grief! and she will take tea and come down the stairs like in the movies (laughing his head out).

Girl : I'm doing no such thing.As it is , I don't even know how to make a decent cup of tea..

Mother : You don't have to take or make the tea. I will do it. You only have to talk and act docile for some time.

Girl : What?

Cousin 1 :(Coming in and imitating Sreenivasan talking to a girl during a marriage proposal scene in a famous Malayalam movie). "Vayikkarundo?" "Njan palappozhum undergroundil aayirikkum". ("Do you Read?" I am a naxalite and I will be in hiding most of the time").

Girl (Laughing) : If he asks that , I have answers.

Cousin 2: Yeah , tomorrow all this laughter will be gone. You will be the shy girl that we see in movies , not even looking up.

Girl :We'll see.

Aunt :Why's her face puffy?

Girl :(Pointing to her mother). She made me go to the beauty parlour for a facial. I think I have an allergy.

Aunt : Oh , that will be alright by tomorrow. Don't worry.

Girl (Thinking) : I hope they don't like me. I'm way too young to get married.

Mother (Thinking) :I just hope she behaves herself. Will she spoil this on purpose? Hope everything turns out well.

Brother and Cousins (Thinking): We are going to have a gala time tomorrow ragging her.

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  1. Replies
    1. It should have been.But for some reason I haven't documented the second part of this episode. May be now is the time. :D

  2. :D :D :D And did you end up marrying the same guy?

  3. Hmm Yes.. I should probably write up what happened the day after this as well.

  4. i would like to read about the actual pennu kaanal as well :) guess what, even i had just one pennu kaanal, but i wore a salwar kameez for it and we did not talk to each other at all :D

  5. Hey Sumi, nice to see you here:).The post about pennu kaanal coming up soon..:)

  6. Now I havent yet reached this stage. Hell i dont even know hw to wear a saree!

    1. Well,at that time , I didn't either. I had 3 of my aunts drape the saree around me.

  7. Aye Aye, were you actually blushing? Write the second part too?