Friday, June 8, 2007


As I tread a hard and weary way
Through the universe empty and dark
I realize yet again
That only you can ignite that spark
That you were the light of my life
That, in my heart you made and indelible mark.

A night years ago
When I saw your face from far,
I gave you my heart
And cared not that you were a star.
Your shining serene face glowed
And in a twinkle I knew your answer.

Your presence made my face shine
Maybe it was the light of love dear!
I wanted to rush into your arms
And be yours once and forever.
I decked myself with a glittering viel
And shyly gushed in a bridal glow.

What did we lack?
Oh! What did we lack that
I had to go back?
Why couldn’t we stay together?
Why did it have to end?

Fate and time conspired
To keep us far apart.
And I knew the happy time,
The wonderful, blissful time
Alas, was not meant to be.

My happy shining face clouded
With tears and agony
But I knew it was of no avail
I had to continue my journey.
Somewhere along the way,
I threw my glittering veil away
For it was a remembrance
Of fortune’s cruel play.

And here I am an ill fated comet
Alone in the dark empty universe
Fated to leave my loved one
The bright, shining, immovable sun.

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