Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Rains

The river of tears
has long gone dry,
The barren earth
has forgotten to cry

Time moves on
Seasons come and go,
Now , it stood still
not a breeze did blow.

There were no shades in life,
no hues no colours,
Just the brown leaves,
No new flowers.

The parched lips of the
Land lay dry
The hardness of stone,
That never does cry,

Like a solid rock,
The tree stood still,
As leaves left hold,
in a lack of will

The sorrows of its beloved,
how long can it stand,
Looking down from above
The sky outstreched its hand

Like a blue veil,
The darkness has spread,
The clouds engulfed,
The white sky bed.

The fogged clouds shall fill,
The dark blue sky,
The sorrows of the earth,
The first rains will cry


  1. Oh, so beautiful a write. I've seen ppl who love poems love rains too... :-)

    And thank you for commenting on my blog. Point blank range is when u keep the gun barrel touching the target, stuck the guns on the head may be.. :-)

    I am surprised, how you happen to reach my blog, just curious, that's all!!

  2. Brilliant one....very very poignant yet ends on a positive note....

    Keep writing.........