Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just read this  http://questforheaven.blogspot.com/2011/02/rain-on.html by Usha Ma'm on her blog and I'm all back to my favourite muse , the rain.Unfortunately , we have still weeks left before the snow melts and the rain falls.Having experienced it last year , felt like writing about the season here that is sooo different from the rain in kerala. Also put some sleeping beauty into it. Here it is


Pricked by the icy thimble
Life lay sleeping beneath the snow
Bound to slumber by a season's curse
Frozen cold as in death she lay

Winter fairy with hands nimble
Draped all in a white ensemble
A palace of snow and ice prevailed
Protecting her from eyes that pried.

Storms raged above and battles were fought
But the curse did not break and she slept on.
Waiting for her prince and waiting for her kiss
A kiss that would warm and make her alive

Then one day , as it was destined to be,
Some one came from far above ,
The frozen fortress melted away
As his warm hands made their way.

She stirred at his touch, a smile
Upon her cold dry lips she lay,
As drops of rain came pouring down..
Kissing her to life once again


  1. This is gorgeous! The entire poem reads like a sweet fairy tale, and it's perfect the way you say it!

    Thank you for sharing it! God Bless!

  2. Thank You so much Usha Ma'm , You are always an inspiration for me :)