Saturday, July 23, 2011

3 Kings-If you have nothing better to do

Happened to watch the movie 3Kings some days back and for want of any other interesting topic, decided to write about it.3 Kings is meant to be a comedy movie which I'm sure had the least portion of its budget towards having a story and a script. The maximum intelligence level expected of any viewer is the ability to understand the jokes from children's books like balarama. The plot and the jokes reminded me of the picture stories that I enjoyed in balarama when I was a kid (Jambanum Thumbanam, Thala maratte, Mayavi ) etc . The cast is the saving grace of the movie with all the lead actors especially Indrajith, Jayasurya and Asokan excelling in comedy and making us feel that many a time the dialogues were on the spot and not from script.
Samvrutha is excellent as a  dumb damsel , while Ann Augustine is the only one not able to look and act dumb.It is worth a one time watch if you have nothing better to do and like to read balarama.

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