Friday, October 21, 2011

Figments of a distant past...Or a really beautiful dream

Some random beautiful memories from my childhood which are so vague that I cannot put a time or place on it , but so clear that I can feel and smell the memory . May be a dream or a deja vu or a   figment of distant past.

1)Walking over crackling dry leaves into a cluster of trees to look for the mate of a  yellow bird( called by folk lore as Shiva –Parvathi bird.) because if I spot a pair,I can make a wish..

2)Placing my feet in the cold green water and watching the tiny  fishes swim by. Getting in to the pond one step at a time, taking care not to slip.

3) The combination of  exhilaration and fear  when the swing reaches the leaves of the jack fruit tree and the smell of  leaves and fruits.

4)Watching the clouds lying down on the slanting parapet of my house and  contemplating what shape they are..making castles in the air.

5)A small brown myna flying away after pecking at and eating a roasted groundnut from  my palms.

6)Running to the temple with a 25p or a 50 p coin to after the balloon seller to buy an apple balloon.

7)Walking on a compound wall precariously to pluck jambakkas from a tree and then looking for some else below to catch those  before I can get down.

 8)That weird feeling of feet not touching the ground when the giant wheel at the pooram exhibition gains speed.

 9)Walking among the bushes to collect mehndi leaves and the smell of fresh green mailanji on the hands.

10)The sound of an old voice telling the story of Devi mahatmyam where brahma, Vishnu and Shiva see the whole universe in Devi's toe nail.

11)The feeling of being one with nature after being completely drenched from the dancing in the rain in the safety of a naalukettu or courtyard inside the house.


  1. I soooooo used to run with the chillar for a good balloon.
    This was nostalgic :)
    Thankyou for bringing memories back.

  2. 2 & 3 - totally related to them ! superliked it sunu!

  3. So honest that was:)
    And I miss our Jambakka tree in ekm:( the one over here isn't that good.
    I have memories like that too, ones which don't have a beginning or end but very clear and makes me nostalgic every time I think about them:)

  4. It was nice to read what you've wrote. You had a nature bonded childhood! Interesting. I never had those before. Living in Malaysia, moreover in the capital, my childhood was pretty different. Not a bad one, but it had a distinguish touch :) It was great.

  5. @Red Handed, that was the idea.

    @Anuchetta, glad you liked it.

    @PeeVee, yes makes me miss my childhood everytime I think of the

    @Nia, happy you liked it.