Monday, March 26, 2012


Raindrops , don't stop
As slowly memories trickle
Drop by drop..into my mind's
Closed window pane

Amazed I look through the mist
In blurred vision I see
An umbrella, A smile
A paper boat in the rain

A distant land , wet , green,
The fields , the streams,
The moss covered paths
And the walks in the rain

The smell of the earth
After the first rain
The song of moist cool winds
A Sweet melancholy refrain

Like Knights with lightening swords,
The dark nights thunder by
Clearing up into a beautiful
Black bright Orion lit sky

Waking up with a smile .Refreshed,
Wiping off the soft blurry mist
I want to let the falling raindrops
Fill my heart.. Again.


  1. wow! so beautifully written!

  2. Beautiful poetry! I love rain too :)

  3. So evocative of a heart full of anticipation and the loveliness of the raindrops!

  4. Thank you @Lilac , @Keirthana and Usha Ma'm. Glad you liked it.