Sunday, September 15, 2013


It is Onam in my Kerala today and seeing all of the Onam wishes on facebook , made we remember the colorful pookkalams that were once an integral part of my childhood.

A basket of tiny white Thumba,
A handful of red Chembarathi,
Yellow Jamanthis , Not to forget
A dash of Orange Jendu-mallis,

All plucked and placed 
On a green plantain leaf
Ready to be transformed
Into a bright pookkalam

Ten days , it seemed to all
That flowers bloomed
With a strength of purpose
In supreme pride and glory

To beautify homes
And unify families
Over the design and creation
Of a beautiful flower carpet

Time goes by , fading 
Those colors into memory
They appear again, albeit
As wishes on my Facebook wall.

Making flowers bloom once again
White Thumba , red Chembarathi,
Yellow Jamanthi and Orange Jendu-malli
In my mind's  ona pookkalam.

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  1. beautiful, beautiful pookkalam. All those flowers are so much a part of my best years!! Thank you.

  2. How lovely! The write presented itself in the most delicate of hues and fragrances, of nostalgia too!

    Usha Pisharody

  3. I hope you had a lovely Onam!! I had a great one!! Esepcially the ADA PRADAMAN!!!!!
    Lovely pookalam!