Friday, February 10, 2012

Awards-Passing the torch on...

I have been away from my blog for a month now and was beginning to get lazy when I received two belated New Year gifts.

The first one , an award from Usha Ma'am  ( one of my favorite teachers and my biggest inspiration to continue writing )

 and the second the "Versatile Blogger Award"

 from a fellow blogger Smita. It was a real pleasure to know that other people liked my blog enough to give me an award.

Thank You So much Usha Ma'am and Smita. You have made my day.

And this poem is a special thanks to Usha Teacher.

I looked in awe
At the emanating light
The bright beautiful glow
Staring , Wishing to touch
Hold for a while
And bask in its glory

Admiring with all my heart
Yet knowing deep inside
That it was too high
I was but a little child
Wanting to take a piece
of the flaming bright star

A soft voice beckoned me
Said I could take
All the beautiful twinkling stars
And hold them for a while
All the shining bright light
The kind soul said she's share

Keep one I shall with me
I will not take them all
Hold it for a while until
I can give it away
And send brightness into someone's life
With this glowing light.

Ok, Though Usha Ma'm asked us all to take all the awards she got, I just couldn't make myself do it , so I took only one the 7X7 award.

So here are 7 random things about me

1) I love chocolates and chocolate flavored ice cream.
2) I am very bad at any kind of sports activity. I think the school record for running 100 metres in the maximum time still belongs to me (22sec).
3) I am a very absent minded person. I have gone for a tuition class with palm shoe in one foot and slippers in the other and never noticed it until I came outside the class.
4) I love ghazals and can listen to Jagjit Singh's Kaagaz Ki Kashti for hours.
5) I love rains.Watching it , getting wet. Everything
6) I like photo editing as a hobby.
7) I hate it when people who talk ill of others people I know and don't have a problem with.

Now I need to award this to 15 fellow bloggers. I don't think I can give justice to passing it on to fifteen people since I haven't been reading that many blogs recently. So here are ten blogs I enjoy reading in no particular order.
  1. Appu - The aspiring movie director who documents every movie he's ever watched . My Place before I decide whether to watch a movie or not.
  2. Reshma - Cooks up the most amazing recipes and cute posts too..
  3. Sameera - Her short stories are amazing. 
  4. Anu Chettan - He always thinks from an uncommon angle. 
  5. Kunal -The master of abstract poetry. I just love the flow that his poetry has.
  6. Sumi -My writer friend whom I have known for a long time , her stories are amazing . Just makes me wish she wrote more often.
  7. GodYears -He must have got this award tons of times by now, But as this is about which blogs I enjoy, I can't omit this one.
  8. 9 and 10 PeeVee , Red Handed & Spiff (The 3 mallu blogger ladies whose blogs I simply adore).

Now the hard part. Linking 7 posts of mine which I think are good.? I never think any of my posts are good. At one time I used to tear up every page I wrote. So this is really hard for me. Ok here goes.

  1. In Rememberance of a Friend
  2. Some Things are to Live For
  3. puttu-experiment
  4. deja-Vu
  5. Crazy Voices
  6. Vindicated
  7. Phoenix Song of Seasons
Finally it is done. All the linking and embedding. Phew took me an hour to do it...


  1. What more could a teacher want, I want, that a learner in her class did remember, after all these years :) And that is more than deeply felt today, that joy in knowing you, and having had the privilege of sharing in your learning too. I hesitate to use the "teaching" word, because I must honestly say that each year I grow with the ones in class, and I am as much a learner as you all were :)

    Touched by the lovely poem. In awe of it too! God bless, Sunitha... always :) :)
    The stars are yours for the keeping
    So long as their light you are sharing :)
    And in the light, all of us are basking
    Knowing each other, and joy to each other we are bringing :)

    My silly chryme for you :)

    Were you among the slowest on Sports Day? Ah, but that does not matter, because you were running the race, were you not? :)What does it matter how much time you took?

    And yes, Chocolates... my favourite too!

    Absent minded? Aha! Me too, me three.. :D

    Loved this, for all the reasons there are to...most especially because it comes from someone who taught me, along with your friends, that being on the other side of the table is not such a distance after all :) :)

    Thank you so very very very much!

  2. thanks... i have recieved it earlier, but cant get enuf of it :)

  3. Congrats Sunitha :) The poem was really heart touching!

  4. Number's don't matter, Madame. Trust me. It's the thought that some blogger thinks me worthy of the award. Every single one is a surprise, a revelation and every single one still has me jumping around like a 3 year who got his hand inside a cookie jar :):):)

    Thank you so very very much:)
    The poem is lovely

    AND I'm not being excessively humble...

  5. I agree with PeeVee. It doesn't matter how many times I've got it. Each and every time I get an award, I get thrilled to bits. :) It feels good to know that others acknowledge and appreciate my talent. Thank you so much, Sunitha. :)

  6. nice poem :)
    congratulations once again.
    and I too love chocolate and rains :)
    Keep blogging :)

  7. congrats on your awards! and thanks ever so much for mine! :) keep writing and creating magic with your words. may your little one blossom into a writer too someday!


  8. @Usha Ma'm . Thank You for everything and esp the rhyme.
    @PeeVee, @Spiff, @Appu @Dr Roshan @Sumitha- It was the least I could do to show my appreciation to the blogs I read.
    @Karthik,@Smita, @Keirthana Thanks a lot...

  9. Hey!!I see my name in here!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! THnkyou so much!! I am truly thankful!!!

  10. Sunita, a tag for you to do :) When time permits :)

  11. Thank you very much Sunitha!
    I am glad you like my poetry. :)