Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy Voices

The world is buzzing past me
I hear voices all around
Some talking to me ,
Some about me ,
Yet others about things beyond me
In this cackle of voices,
My voice feeble and tremulous
seldom aired, seldom heard
often self muted by the cacophony
Of the loud and senseless
Closing myself to the blaring noise,
Sit down I did to hear my voice
Only to be deafened
By the my own loud  silence
Thoughts took wings and
flew through clouds
Words rained down
with strength never seen
With no rhyme or reason they flowed
With a purpose of expression bold
Looking down at my pen and paper
scattered with senseless chatter
Realizing that my voice unheard
Had metamorphosed into a written word


  1. Vikram, Why are u using a different name to comment?

  2. Thanks Red handed. Glad you liked it.

  3. am're going through a system error...try rebooting! :)

  4. Lovely lovely lovely poem! Esp the strong close!

  5. we live in a crazy crazy world!
    nice lines... :)