Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows -My 2cents

I am an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I will read any material that is remotely related to harry potter characters or J .K Rowling. So in case you have not read all of the 7 books , you can stop right here.

I had always wanted to write my 2 cents about the books and how they managed to influence a generation  epic times more than what Enid Blyton was to a generation before . A whole new world where magic is real. A young orphaned wizard hero, a villain who is evil personified and the ultimate triumph of good over  evil. 

What fascinated me most  was the realistic portrayal of characters and the gray shades associated with most of them. Except for Voldemort who is pure black . And it is precisely the gray nature of the characters that brings the ultimate downfall of Voldemort. Snape who loved Lily more than his life and sacrificed himself for the son of her love to whom he shows only hatred.With the Malfoys , who were  opportunistic and power hungry ,Rowling tries to distinguish between misguided and evil.And ultimately it is also Narcissa's love for her son , that saves Harry at the most crucial moment, and Draco's cowardice/fear that makes him not identify Harry and Hermione at the Malfoy Manor. Dumbledore who turns out to be a good man but some one who thinks about the greater good over the life of Harry and someone who made many mistakes when he was younger. 

I like to think that Voldemort was thwarted by Love in the expected and most unexpected quarters.(Snape's Love for Lily, Narcissa's love for their son,Molly's love for her children(she kills his most trusted follower Bellatrix), Harry's love for all the people fighting for him).

The last book is the completion of growing up. Realizing that people are not infallible. Learning to take tough decisions. And the triumph of good over evil.


  1. am probably the only person in the world who hasnt ever read even one harry potter book! generation gap i guess :p

  2. I am so glad the series is over. Somehow I am not able to appreciate Harry Potter