Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gloom Day-A windows Fantasy

I know the title sounds suspiciously like doom day. But it is not. It was just was it was- A gloomy boring sad day in the life of a supremely uninterestingly ordinary human being. What made it so ? I have no idea. But as such days usually happens, the day started much much earlier than the time I woke up and this was probably half the reason. Try as I might , I couldn't start myself off and get out of the bed when the 6:00 o' clock alarm or the 6:30 alarm or the 7:00 (this is getting dangerous) alarm blared into my ears. No I had not turned my ears off  overnight , but heavy multitasking had had its toll and I just chose to snooze the repeat alarms. At 8:00 , realizing that I have way too much to do and too little time , rushed to office , with sleepy eyes and a starved stomach only to find that I had a meeting at 9.15 that I missed. 

I started work. Work was going slower than a Windows Vista machine on a 16 bit RAM . My mind just wans't working. It was as though gloom.exe was running a background process on me and sapping all my resources away.I would look for a file and not find it. I would look find something I wanted and then realize that I did not have the rights for it. Nothing was working. I felt so absolutely tired and frustrated.  I wished I could just click a restart button and things would start working again. (What a horribly Microsoftic fantasy).I knew there would be a system crash sooner or later if I didn't check the taskbar and close some of those unwanted processes going on  in my mind. But I just couldn't do it , and soon gloom.exe had other side programs like sadness.exe and selfpity.dll running and soon all I wanted to be was by myself.Even normal processes like coffee.dll and lunch.exe were forgotten. Finally the inevitable happened. All processes ceased because of low CPU and tears.exe started a disk clean up and restart program.

It was defintely lucky that I had no eye make up on that day.