Saturday, June 30, 2012



To blow a bubble
Into the deep blue sky
To see it rest perkily
On the yellow green grass
For a moment, reflecting
The colors of your rainbow smile
Before it dissolves away
Softly in the lazy summer sun

To see the excitement
Of every bubble blown
Dancing in the air around
your laughing eyes
To catch them in my  palms
For you, before the Magic stops
To build castles in the air
Of rainbow bubbles
And bask in its momentary glow.
To share the joy of your childhood
And be a child again..


  1. At times, it seems like those were the best days.. as we grew up, the world just got more and more complicated.

    1. Yes.. :) .It does. But once in a while , we can get a few moments back like these from the kids. We only have to be ready for it.

  2. Oh to be a child again :) :) Rainbow bubbles! I still buy the bubble kit for Thrissur Pooram, you know ? Lovely way you've written about it!

    1. Thank you Ma'm. The bubble kit from Tcr pooram. That's what I grew up with. Year after Year after year.

  3. Hey Sunitha,

    Have tagged you in a recent post. Do take it up if interested :)

  4. Thank you Keirthana. I will take it up.. Only my blogging is very sporadic these days..

  5. The lines bring back memories..and the photos warm my heart!