Monday, January 28, 2013


An idea lights up,
Words come together
Expressions seek a vent
And I open my computer

Willing my fingertips to caress
Those alphabets to motion
Arranging and re-arranging words
Sans life.Sans emotion.

For those words of yore I yearn
Words on paper with a pen
Crossed , scribbled ,doodled, torn
Lovingly caressed with a hand forlorn

A neat cursive here.A scribble there.
Ink blots ,Those little dots
Marks left by an unfriendly eraser
On the pristine white of paper

Longingly I reach for a pen.
My fingers stop with a quiver..
Writing a few illegible lines
Hard it is to please my jilted lover.

Weary I put the pen aside
Placing my thoughts umpteen
Into the tangles of the web
And call it Going Green.


  1. Ah! The conundrum...
    To paper or to not!

    I love writing on paper, even now... in fact I feel better when it is paper and pen/pencil, rather than the keystrokes!

    But, as you say, Go Green is an equally relevant aspect!

    Lovely verse as always, Sunitha!

  2. Thank You Usha Ma'm, Yes. I love writing too, but these days I hardly do any writing , it is always typing and more typing.