Friday, July 12, 2013


The happiness  butterfly,
It would not just stand by
With a butterfly kiss and a perky flap,
Take off it did , not wait on my lap.
Chasing after its elusive scent
Captivated by the sights en-route I went
In the crowded beaches,
Making castles of sand and dreams
On the platform , enjoying the rain
While waiting for an unduly late train
In the park , having fun
Blowing a bubble or two in the sun
Staring up, filling my eyes,
With orange-blue oils in the skies.
Walking across crowded street,
With a spicy roasted peanut treat
Looking in awe at the full moon sky
Enchanted night that stars twinkle by.
As I sit down and pause
To enjoy little things with out a cause
With a butterfly kiss and flutter of wings
Happiness , my little butterfly brings.


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    1. Thanks for my 300th comment . Usha Ma'm... :) and I really wanted it to be yours..

  2. Nannayittundu Ennu Thonnunnu.. Samayam kittumbol artham paranju thannal mathi..LOL.. Vinu Ettan

    1. bhagyam .. ithu monnoramathe comment aayilla.. :) LOL

  3. This poem is so full of positiveness that I could feel from the very first line when you started with "The happiness butterfly..".
    Very enthusiastic, delightful and enjoyable poem. Best of luck.

    Following both of your blogs. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Another Part of Me

    1. Thank you. Sayantini. I loved the stuff on your blog too. Became a follower almost instantly.. :)