Sunday, July 7, 2013

When you say nothing at all..55 Fiction Again

I had forged a thousand reasons in my mind , a million justifications , why she could be the only woman in my life. Why I wouldn't surrender to your wishes this time.
But you just looked at me with those wistful eyes in silence.
When you say nothing at all, how can I defy you , mother?


He looked for her every where . Flew high and low. Called out her name . No tweet came back.
"When you say nothing at all, something is not right". He worried.
He understood the ominous, as he heard the light footed hunter walk away and an anguished sage say "Ma Nishada Prathishta Twam gamaha".

"I love you. Will you Marry Me ". He said kneeling down .
She did not reply. In fact she gave him the same playful smile as always.
"Say something , sweetheart ", he coaxed. "It kills me when you say nothing at all."
"Are you proposing to her photo again , you moron? When will you grow a spine!"


Another set of tiny stories , this time for the topic "When you Say nothing at all " for BloggAdda.

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